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Infodrafts offers hassle-free and ongoing website maintenance services for e-Commerce websites, web applications, app databases, and popular content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. Our website maintenance packages are specifically designed to meet all your web maintenance needs whether you are looking for a monthly, hourly, or yearly website maintenance plan.

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    Web Maintenance Services Built for Your Business

    Your website is the first impression of your company that your customers see. It’s important that you clearly depict your business on your website. Constant website maintenance ensures this, and it always brings customers back to your site to check the updated information.

    Let Infodrafts handle your valuable Website Maintenance Services. Our professional packages are tailored to meet your needs. Read more about our packages, including all the benefits we offer. We certify all our work using our internal protocol and industry-leading standards of work. Website maintenance is an integral component of your digital marketing strategy to ensure your message is aligned with your marketing strategy, current trends and offers, SEO / SEM campaigns, Social Media, and other efforts.

    website maintenance services

    Website maintenance plans and pricing

    Our website maintenance services include two customizable plans

    Our Services

    Let us handle your tech problems so you can focus on your business. We’ll be there for you 24/7.

    Website Updates

    To make sure your website is fully-functioning and secured, you need to update the website, its themes, and plugins on a daily basis. We specialize in regular updating and maintaining your website so you don’t miss a single sale.

    Website Security

    Plenty of hackers are out there waiting to screw your website over. We will regularly update and improve the security of your website. Our experts can do malware removal, uptime monitoring, regular backups. We’ll make sure it’s not down for a second.

    Performance Optimization

    Website speed is a crucial thing if you want to boost your sales online. By proper optimization shall you be able to grab a huge proportion of traffic and turn them into your clients/customers. We’ll do all the optimization tasks for you.

    Email Marketing

    Need to send bulk emails to your target audience or set up autoresponders for your funnel? Our tech experts are here to take care of your email marketing platforms like Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Salesforce, and many others out there.

    Google and Facebook PPC

    Running ads is an effective way to get rapid results. We will help set up and optimize Google and Facebook Ads with the help of Google certified Google Adwords experts. Get in touch, and we’ll have everything covered for you.

    Graphics Design

    Need a graphics designer for making all the banners, logos, and everything you need from a marketing point of view? We have got amazing designers for the job that can help you create outstanding content and save a lot of your work.

    Web Development

    While your existing website looks awesome, it’s very natural for you to want a new rebranding or rebuilding on a certain portion of it. As a full-service web development and marketing agency, we will take care of your web development needs all in one place.

    Social Media Marketing

    If you are spending a lot of time on social media, chances are, you are not being able to focus on your business strategies. That’s why we are here for. We will take over all the tasks making room for you to increase productivity and contribute insights.

    Content Marketing

    You need to have a strong focus on content if you want to surpass your competitors in the Online Marketing game. Why not let our professional content writers help you with that? We are experts at that and would love to assist you.

    Monthly Analytics Report

    Our reports are readable and results-oriented that brings out all the achievements and target comparisons. We combine Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and other metrics into one in an orderly fashion making it easier for you to understand.

    Search Engine Optimization

    One of the specializations that we have been practicing for years is Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO experts will audit your website and tell us what to do in order to improve its health both On-Page and Off-Page.

    Quarterly Business Review

    A quarterly meeting with our team will help you better understand what we have accomplished with your website and social media within your given time and what you want in the future. We discuss targets and approve them based on your approval.

    Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

    With our monthly maintenance plans, your company’s site will always be secure, updated, and functional for both its users and visitors. Plus, you won’t have to worry about managing, monitoring, and maintaining your website.


    $599 / mo
    • Regular Website Updates
    • Full Website Maintenance
    • Regular Backups
    • Monthly Reports
    • Security and Hack Protection


    $2399 / mo
    • All Deluxe Features
    • Full Website Maintenance
    • Email Marketing
    • Web Development
    • Content Writing & Graphics

    Other Than These

    What Else Do We Include?

    Tech support

    With our website maintenance services, your business also gets access to the expertise of our development team. With a variety of technical challenges, like setting up email, you won’t have to worry.
    As part of your website maintenance services, your company can also submit a request for consulting. Whether you need help with creating a new contact form or creating a new page on your site, our talented team is here for you.

    Product or service updates

    As your company expands, your products, services, and prices will all change. That’s why companies need to have a consistent plan and process for updating old products, changing existing service prices, and making other changes.

    Website maintenance keeps your company website current for users, giving your business a competitive edge. This proactive move allows you to provide the latest products, services, and rates, and streamline the user shopping experience.

    Interactivity support

    With ever-changing technologies, a website begins to appear aged if the interactive elements are neglected. If your site’s development isn’t functioning on every network and device, you will lose current and potential customers. Furthermore, you hurt your online reputation.

    A high bounce rate often indicates that your website isn’t fulfilling user expectations and may indicate an issue with the interactive features on your site.

    When website maintenance services are performed, your site’s interactive features are checked to ensure they’re working properly. Even if an element becomes outdated and needs replacement, your team will be informed beforehand.

    Maintaining your website’s features helps promote your products and services.

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    Stop Losing Money by Increasing Your Website Security

    Whether you’re an e-commerce company or offline establishment, it’s imperative that you keep secure your site. If someone can gain access to your site, they can cause significant damage to your brand or business, whether by stealing customer information or posting offensive content to your site.
    Investing in website maintenance services increases your company’s credibility and protects your customers. Plus, your site is protected from cyberattacks, which can result in stolen data and lawsuits.
    As a member of the retail, technology, or government sector, investing in website maintenance services is even more critical. As such, 95 percent of data breaches occur in these industries, which are known for handling sensitive information. In spite of operating outside these markets, website security remains essential.

    website maintenance services

    Hourly Website Maintenance Packages

    Our hourly website maintenance plans guarantee the security, functionality, and updated content of your company’s website, while eliminating all the hassle of managing, monitoring, and maintaining your website.


    $9.99 / hour
    • Minimum 100 hours/mo
    • Regular Website Updates
    • Full Website Maintenance
    • Regular Backups
    • Monthly Reports
    • Security and Hack Protection


    $14.99 / hour
    • Credit-based charges
    • All Deluxe Features
    • Full Website Maintenance
    • Email Marketing
    • Web Development
    • Content Writing & Graphics

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