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Because, if customers cannot find your website, they’ll probably find one of your competitors’. Share your website needs!

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Creating a website is a central component of your marketing objectives. We make sure it has a definite goal.

    Turn your Dream into Reality

    Despite the fact that we have worked for the categories mentioned below, as well as many others not mentioned, our work is not limited to a specific niche.

    We Build For…

    Small/Local Business

    In order to reach a wider audience, we will build you a website that is responsive and customized. In addition, we set up your Facebook and other social media and create Google My Business as well. We also do the rest of the work that you do not want to do.


    When looking you up, most people will go to a web search and you want them to find a website you own and can control. We can build a site that emphasizes your publications and yourself. Also, we can handle the marketing so you can just focus on your writing.


    The way the world is changing, online business will dominate the entire planet at some point, and that time is not far away. We have a special e-commerce solution just to make you feel comfortable with your website. Let us take care of everything and you focus on your business.

    Personal Branding

    Your personal brand website represents your online identity, the center of your online content, and the destination for visitors who are part of the network you’re building. Don’t miss the opportunity of building a website for yourself with maximum impression ensured.

    Real Estate

    Want a real estate website? Let us build it for you. Our team takes care of configuring your website and installs it, so you can focus on selling. We can help you with making your business thrive online with a fully customized website, which we look forward to doing for you.


    If you want to grow your affiliate marketing business or just blog for fun, you’ll need a website. Our web developers will create a modern, responsive, and easy-to-use website that you can use at your convenience. Just let us know how you want it done and you will see the change.

    What We Inlclude As Standard

    Web Development

    Full-sized website development using WordPress or any other platform preferred by clients.

    Design and Branding

    Making you look good makes us look good. We are your branding partners for eternity.

    Web Design

    Fully Responsive Design using the recommended tools according to client’s requirements.

    SEO and Content Marketing

    Improve organic traffic through our best SEO and Content Writing practices.

    Web Design Team
    Web Development Services

    About Us

    We offer a custom approach to each website project. From content to design, each website is carefully built by our in-house design team and is designed to perform for our clients. 

    We have been building custom websites and apps for clients over the years that have driven revenue, reduced costs, and enabled our clients to transform their businesses and market performance. Through our approach, we empower entrepreneurs, growth companies, enterprises and visionary firms to succeed by building the right tools to maximize profit and efficiency, profitability and efficiency, valuation, and long-term success. In addition to offering access to technology specialists globally, Infodrafts enables you to scale your firm with our resources or to leverage international talent managed from our remote support.


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    Turn your Dream into a Reality

    Don’t Stop At Web Design!

    Remember, building your website is the first step, while there are much more to accomplish with the power of Digital Marketing. You’re fortunate if we build your website, as our marketing team will share insights with the development team and collaborate in order to make it perfect from a marketing perspective. We can further talk about opportunities you will have unlocked with your website.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How much does a website cost?

      The cost of a website varies depending on many factors. If you are unsure what the cost of your website would be, please contact us today, and we will discuss your requirements with you and then provide you with a free quotation.

      Do you provide customer support?

      Yes, after the website has launched we offer full customer support to assist you with any queries you may have, as well as to assist you at any time you need us. Our outstanding customer service sets us apart from our competitors.

      What is a Web page design?

      The process of developing a web page’s appearance, including the choice of color schemes, page layout, fonts, and more, is known as web design. All the web pages in a website have different content but all of them use a similar graphic design.

      How much should I charge for a website redesign?

      Redesigning a site yourself can cost anywhere from $0-300. Working with a freelancer can run you from $500 to $5,000. Hiring a web design agency will cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $100,000. Your website might have cost anywhere from these ranges when it launched.