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Web Design Moodboard for Beginners: Why and How?

You may wonder what a web design mood board is if you are a newbie. It is often used for creating users’ experience on your website and useful for letting your customers know what your organization stands for, the branding guidelines, and how to communicate. In this technique, photographs are shown as the best way to communicate an idea, it’s akin to that of the “Inspiration Board” and “StoryBoard”.

A design team may spend a great deal of time designing a nice-looking design, just to discover the final results don’t meet the users’ expectations. It is easy for users to determine whether the deliverables are up to their own preferences and expectations after the final product comes out, as they seldom know what they need before the final product comes out.

Taking into consideration the expectations and demands of users is of great importance in this situation. Otherwise, considerable time and energy will be spent at the wrong place. The use of mood boards as part of web design is the best method for finding design concepts and for making decisions based on aesthetics before the design phase begins.

The purpose of this post is not to discuss mood boards in UX design, but rather to explore the subject of web  design mood boards.

Mood Board on Earth: What Is It?

The mood board is an indispensable component of web design because it is a collection of those visual elements that reflect the product or theme, including colors, images, and pictures. This approach encourages emotional reactions and, thus, serves as a trusted guide for design decisions.

Designers can use this tool to understand visual design requirements and grasp the color scheme and visual style, thus guiding the design process. Designers can also draw inspiration from that.

What is the purpose of mood boards?

Mood boards have many benefits from a design perspective, including:

  • This is done at the early stages so as to outline the personality of the product and to construct functional prototypes.
  • Using a web design mood board template, anyone can easily create a color plate and define the style of an image.
  • As a result, repetitive changes will be less likely to occur in the future.
  •  It is important to explore and understand the actual needs of users.

Mood Board Creation: How to Make it Effectively?

As the first step, we take the user research results and branding/marketing strategy and get an understanding of the experience keywords. After the experience keywords have been established, the product’s visual style will be confirmed. Thus, they can start communicating with the users prior to the meeting.

Gather the mood Board elements under steps 2 and 3. Engage users, designers, and decision-makers in the process. A Google search or article published in a newspaper or magazine will provide you with the information you need.

As part of our qualitative interviews, step 3 involves collecting your mood board. It can include information on how the picture was chosen, which will allow you to dig deeper into the stories and details. Users’ intentions and emotions are reflected in the images in a mood board, and it’s better to understand their emotional tendencies by reading the text.

Lastly, but not lastly, the classification of pictures and images according to keywords is the final step in web design mood boards. In addition, color, color scheme, material mechanism, and other characteristics of the material must be extracted. As a result, the final output will have a more consistent visual style.

Mood boards as the basis for prototyping?

We have now experienced a rough introduction to a web design mood board, and we see how an exquisite and accurate mood board can help designers better understand the intentions and moods that users might have. On the web, you’ll find many examples of web design mood boards, all of which offer plenty of flexibility and ease of use.

It can also be used to build a prototype of a product. In case you’re searching for an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool for creating prototypes, then you should find Mockplus invaluable. Its visually-enhanced interactions and ready-made UI elements (such as 3000 icons) will make your design more efficient and intelligently. Have fun on the ride.

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