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6 SEO Tips For Cleaning Companies To Rank Higher

It can be hard to figure out the best way to optimize your cleaning company website. What terms should you use and how can you do that? Cleaning services SEO is a complex subject, so far you do not need to be a tech wizard to succeed. Is it possible to succeed on your own? These tips provide SEO advice for cleaning companies and we also answer more questions, like: what is SEO and what are the best practices?

Why cleaning companies need SEO

Cleaning companies should know a few things about SEO, one of which is what SEO strategies are being used to advertise their cleaning companies. You should be aware of what claims are reasonable for results if you are seeking an SEO company for cleaning services.

For instance, some SEO firms that work for cleaning companies claim you’ll be number one soon after the first couple of months. You need to recognize that there are shortcuts you can take to help your site rank higher much faster, but those shortcuts are considered “black hat” SEO techniques.

Those methods may lead to better results faster, but they may also adversely affect your business. Your business could end up at the bottom of search results if the SEO agency handling your campaign uses this kind of strategy.

At Infodrafts, all SEO for cleaning companies is performed using appropriate “white hat” tactics so that you won’t be penalized and you’ll be able to use the strategies indefinitely.

Building a strong SEO strategy for cleaning companies takes time

It’s also important to mention that when you use “white hat” SEO, results will take some time to occur. You may have to wait a week or two before Google even notices a new blog post or location page if you distribute it via social media.

Traffic will take up to six months or more to fully reach its full potential. Understand that SEO for cleaning companies doesn’t happen overnight, but you can start observing some results before half a year goes by.

The good news is that your cleaning company can leverage their pages and posts for years to come once they have been optimized.

You should remember that SEO is only one part of the puzzle for your cleaning business to be successful. Your website must be high quality and have methods to generate leads.

The amount of extra traffic SEO will generate for your cleaning business won’t matter unless your website is structured the right way.

Write blogs for your cleaning business to improve SEO

Optimizing your cleaning services with SEO techniques can be achieved through blogging. Taking advantage of local SEO and keyword research can drastically grow the number of people visiting your cleaning company’s website.

In order to get a feeling for the type of topics that you should write about, try getting into the mind of your ideal client. Why do they hate you? What you can do is reply to those questions and show them that you are a reliable expert in the industry and they will appreciate your services.

Blogging can also help with the promotion of your cleaning business because the posts can be created just once and kept going forever. Cleaning companies can use this to leverage their business since they don’t have to be physically present to get the word out about their services.

Create location pages to optimize local SEO for cleaning services

Cleaning companies often neglect to have local pages as another element to optimize their SEO locally. There are several cleaning companies that list the areas they service, but not all of them make their own dedicated web page for each city they serve.

Driving local traffic to your website by adding the steps you mention here will help you gain new customers from the local areas you serve. See the picture below for an example of how you can add an embedded Google map to those location pages.

In addition to this, you will also want to include information about what you do, mention the service area a few times and include links to the county office or the city website. Thus, Google will receive signals from your website that your cleaning company operates within that set of service cities, which can help your website attain a higher ranking in local searches.

The other important thing to avoid is copy and pasting the exact same content straight into a location page and simply swapping the location. Duplicate content doesn’t work well since Google won’t penalize you for it, but it won’t rank those pages either so they really aren’t doing you any good. You might want to use some location pages as a guide, but do not copy and paste every page in the same way – create original content for each page.

Content creation for SEO optimization for cleaning businesses need not be complex

One of the biggest concerns we hear from cleaning companies is that it’s very hard to get ideas for content that will get optimized for SEO. It’s great news if you shift your mindset you’ll be able to think of content ideas for years to come.

Getting into the mind of your ideal customer is the basis of this marketing strategy. Think about what they want, what their problems are, and what the common questions they have.

Do some preliminary research up front about your ideal clients and their needs and you’ll know what makes good content. To attract the right customers to your cleaning business, provide valuable content that meets your ideal customer’s needs.

To leverage these topics, you combine them with some in-depth keyword research in advance to find what people are really searching for in relation to those topics. Making this improvement will help you create great content that people will enjoy reading, as well as content they are searching for, so that your website gets more traffic.

Optimize your company’s Google My Business listing and rank higher on Google Maps

Getting your Google My Business listing set up and optimized can help improve SEO for cleaning companies. Google My Business is a great tool that many companies use, but they never fully use them.

The key is optimization; it is also important to optimize your Google My Business Page if you want to boost your local SEO for cleaning services.

Think of how amazing it would be if your, or your competitor’s, cleaning company appeared at the top of a search for cleaning contractors in your town! Google My Business is basically a virtual business card for your business, so it’s vital that you optimize your site for search engines.

It takes some time, but a good SEO strategy over time can result in more exposure for your cleaning business and targeted traffic.

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