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We design smart websites that connect your business with your customers and help you grow quickly. Our company has expanded not just in Santa Ana, but also in nearby California cities such as Roseville and Rocklin. To get started on your web design project, please contact our online support team.

    As a leading website design company, we are dedicated to crafting beautiful, engaging, and professional websites that will drive online growth and increase brand awareness. By focusing on purpose-driven design, your business will be able to attract visitors who will convert into paying clients. Unlike many other Web design and development firms, we offer a breadth and depth of services that are unmatched in the industry. We employ highly skilled designers, developers, and marketers to produce websites that benefit our clients by giving them a clear competitive advantage.

    Let Infodrafts, a website design and SEO company, help you get your Santa Ana business online today! Our Santa Ana web design company can help you if you are a business or an organization in need of a professional web designer. We have created custom websites for businesses of all sizes. With our specialized knowledge of professional business web design, we have quickly established ourselves as one of the top web design companies in the Santa Ana area. We have worked successfully with a lot of clients from all around the world. Maintaining the highest standards of excellence throughout our business expansion into a variety of different professions, industries, and regions is of utmost importance to us.

    Santa Ana Web Design Experts

    Our Design Services

    Here are some of the services that our Web Design Santa Ana professionals can offer you.

    Intelligent Website Design

    Your design should take into account your business objectives along with the experience you want to give your users. With our help, we'll build a site that is both attractive and functional to match your company's objectives.

    Content Creation

    We don’t have to create the content, but we would like to. There are many upsides to hiring a copywriter to create your website copy, but to keep this paragraph short and to the point, we provide an outsider’s perspective and have years of writing experience.


    The visual identity we carry across all the materials we create runs deeper than just a logo. This includes the design of the website, marketing materials, style guides, letterheads, and even business cards. We are all-rounders for that.

    Maintenance Services

    Our services include website maintenance, updates, backups, hosting, and protection for businesses that haven't built their own websites. We also have a dedicated team to take care of your websites, social media, emails, and all technical assets.

    Online Store

    Do you need to set up your own e-commerce store? Our company has been one of the top e-commerce web design Santa Ana experts for helping people get their online shop up and running. If you need one, contact us right away.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Are you seeking top ranking in Google? Our Web Design Santa Ana company’s task is to identify the most relevant keywords for your business and structuring your website to rank higher for those keywords. Your website will be optimized by default.

    Get An Amazing WordPress Website!

    It is possible for your business to advertise most cost-effectively through a great website design. You can greatly influence your customer’s perception of your business by how your website looks and works. WordPress is undoubtedly one of the easiest and user-friendly Content Management Systems out there, especially in terms of scalability and maintenance. We create custom websites on WordPress with advanced coded themes with all kinds of vulnerability checks. This allows us to hear your requirements so we can turn your vision into reality.

    For your customers, we also provide web development services to make your web presence as functional as possible.

    WordPress Web Design

    If you are creating a website for your business, you should choose between a custom website design and a generic one. The generic website templates will determine the way your website looks and how it is laid out. Website templates look unprofessional, are unoriginal, and in many cases have the same layout as many other websites. As a top digital marketing company, we don’t recommend using templates unless there is a short timeframe.

    However, custom web design is exactly what it suggests – it is a unique design made just for your company. The design of your website is vital since it is likely the first point of contact a potential customer will have with your company. We will create a website that has a unique look and reflects your unique company identity with the help of our web designers. With a professional custom website design, your first impression will be memorable.

    Santa Ana Website Redesign

    Have you already established a website for your business in Santa Ana? Is it time for a facelift for your website? Our website redesign service is the answer if you are unhappy with your current website. A majority of our clients come to us with an existing website that needs an updated design and layout. They also want to keep their established corporate identity, such as a logo and color scheme.

    You can count on us to revamp your existing corporate identity, ensuring that your company’s unique brand points, such as logo, colors, fonts, etc., are maintained on the new site.

    When you find that your current website needs new functionality such as a blog and an e-commerce store, we can help you convert your current site into one that meets all your needs. There may be plenty of companies you can go to but ours has a team of dedicated and experienced Santa Ana web designers along with graphic designers to give your website the look you’ve always dreamed of. We will add more functionality to your website so that it can attract more audiences from your niche in Santa Ana.

    Why We Are The Best Santa Ana Web Design Company?

    With years of experience designing custom websites for Santa Ana businesses, we have been creating masterpieces. We strive to ensure that each client receives the best website design for their budget by collaborating closely with them throughout our design process.

    It really depends on the size and complexity of your site how long it takes to design and build a custom website. The average time from start to finish for a WordPress website is three to four weeks. A project that requires more customization and complexity, such as a WooCommerce website or a custom Shopify website, or a website with complicated design or content requirements, may take longer.
    A well-designed fully responsive website is essential as the digital landscape evolves. The internet experience is becoming intuitive and sophisticated, and users expect it on both their computers and mobile devices.

    Unlike dynamic websites, static ones do not perform complex programming tasks; they simply serve as online brochures. Only a website designer can update the content, and its primary purpose is to provide customers with more information about your business. Most clients tend to prefer a content management system over static websites these days. Our digital marketing agency creates engaging visuals and scales them across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices to make sure that your brand’s website is accessible on all devices.

    The team at Infodrafts understands that the outcome depends on the team. In order to build the leading WordPress website development company in the United States, we have selected the leading group of WordPress website designers and website developers. We provide numerous web design services for Santa Ana businesses, ensuring the client gets precisely what they require.

    Not sure what you need?

    How We Can Help Your SEO?

    Get ahead of the competition with our SEO services. You will rank higher if you use the right keywords and content strategy. We aim to get you found. During our analysis of your site, we analyze every aspect for opportunities to improve your ranking. By using customized keyword phrases, we make sure all your business information is easily accessed and accurate, as well as how people will search for your business.

    By utilizing the latest on-page and off-page techniques, our SEO specialists will increase the visibility of your website. As well as writing original web content, we build links, tags, and meta descriptions to attract the attention of your target audience. Maintain success as we measure performance. By tracking our Search Engine Optimization efforts through our Google Analytics integration, you’re able to see how effective they are. Your website’s SEO can always be fine-tuned by an expert regardless of what happens.

    Infodrafts Can Help Improve Your Website SEO

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    Our Roseville Web Design services are fully responsive that support all kinds of devices. No matter which device you are browsing from, the website we will build for you will look absolutely fresh and amazing.

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    Today, a high-quality website is crucial for business success. Well-designed websites are a great asset for your business. They are just one part of your business. The Internet is a familiar place to us. You can count on our experts to help you design a web marketing strategy that will deliver the results you need. Whenever possible, we seek out new technology trends to help us promote our e-commerce business. Come and discuss your marketing efforts with us so you can avoid wasting resources. We specialize in internet advertising, social media, email marketing, and strategic analysis. Our tools will help you succeed!

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