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In Lansing, we have established some of the biggest brands by developing their website, but we are enthusiastic about developing brands of all sizes. We are a web design company in Lansing, MI taking care of your personal, branding, or any kind of business website design. Get in touch for a free consultation as the next step towards your online marketing strategy.

    100% Success

    The websites we create will help you convert leads into prospects easily. We focus on sales and marketing more than anything maintaining the best user experience.

    Client Reviews

    Infodrafts team has been a favorite for many business owners and entrepreneurs for its response rate and quality service for so many years.

    Customized Design

    Our Lansing web design team builds custom websites based on the requirements given by the client. You will get a fresh, unique, and responsive site for sure.

    Leading Website Design Company
    in Lansing

    Infodrafts is a leading web design company in Lansing, serving Michigan businesses, and clients throughout the world. Our specialty is creating conversion-focused websites that suit your company’s objectives.

    Our firm strives to help businesses in Lansing attract more profitable leads, build brand awareness, and improve conversion rates. We accomplish this by helping businesses stand out online by offering customized website development solutions. The reputation of Infodrafts as one of Lansing’s top website design firms has been built upon more than a decade of establishing itself as a leader in high-performance website design. We deliver visually stunning websites that convert!

    We Are A Renowned Web Design Company In Lansing
    We Deliver Effective Results Through Your Website

    Our Lansing Web Designers Will Deliver Results

    You hold a golden key to unlock the growth your company needs in your hand or on the desktop screen right now. A great website design and development company can increase the revenue of businesses through their experience. And, if you’re scrolling through our landing page right now, you’re in the right place.

    There is only one thing that separates us from other advertising agencies: we are marketers. Our Lansing Web Design services and virtual marketing services focus on moving your target audiences to generate more conversions, increase leads, increase sales, and make you more money. That’s why we’ve taken pride in growing into one of Lansing, Michigan’s most trusted web design companies.

    We Are Dedicated To Giving You Success

    Here at Infodrafts, we have web designers and developers who build the face of your company online by creating a website that can truly reflect what you do. The same marketing skills and business intelligence that allow us to increase leads, sales, and revenue are also possessed by our team. We are a professional local web design firm in Lansing, Michigan that can help you grow your business and create a better brand. Have you been thinking about taking your business to the next level? We’re ready to work with you!

    Our Lansing Web Design Services

    Web Design

    In addition to developing websites that are customized to meet your business needs, Infodrafts also designs and develops custom software. Creatives, marketers, and developers in our company work together to create effective design strategies that deliver on your goals.

    Content Marketing

    With our custom content strategies, you will boost your ROI. Thrive's writers offer cutting-edge content, no matter the word count. Webpages that get results, blogs that convey useful information, and smart social media posts - we've got you covered.

    E-commerce Web Design

    With a conversion-focused design, our Lansing web development company helps you convert more customers to your eCommerce business. Your mobile-responsive, functional website will help you generate qualified leads and increase sales.

    WordPress Web Design

    A customized website from Infodrafts, an award-winning WordPress development company, can raise your business to the next level. We utilize our extensive knowledge, design expertise, and experience to build websites that turn shoppers into customers.

    Shopify Web Design

    We help many businesses grow with a customized Shopify theme because we’re a certified Shopify Partner. An outstanding, responsive theme will be created for maximum conversions by our Lansing web designers. Create your Shopify store with us today!

    Search Engine Optimization

    Our Lansing SEO experts assist you in ranking for competitive keywords. We combine our expert knowledge, useful tools, and techniques to enhance your website's health and improve conversion rates. We use ethical SEO practices to grow your business.

    Your Expectation From Us


    Launch Your Business

    We are a digital marketing agency that knows tech and marketing can help you take your idea from concept to reality. Are you looking for someone like us to take care of your website development and marketing tasks? Look no further, because as a Lansing resident or local business owner, you’ll find no one better than us. Ready to get started?


    Brand Development

    How well do your website and online marketing represent your company? Without a consistent digital presence, you’re missing out on revenue and growth. With a combination of branding and tech creativity, we captivate your audience and generate leads. A great team of content creators is always here to boost your brand with a sustainable future.



    We have an experienced team of franchise and multi-location marketing experts who are dedicated to increasing customer awareness and sales by implementing a proven marketing strategy that includes SEO, content creation, social media, website design, and review monitoring. So, why make any more delay? Let’s get in touch now!

    Why We Are A Perfect Match As Your
    Web Design Agency?

    You can’t rely on just any digital marketing agency today. The best company to partner with is the one that will not only take the time to understand your business goals and message but will also help to drive results so that your business sees the highest return on marketing investments. Some digital marketing agencies fail to get it right.

    Our company provides full-service web design in Lansing, Michigan. We develop high-performing websites and implement various strategies online. In order to come up with the best design concepts for your brand, our web design experts follow the latest digital marketing trends. Our website optimization services help you achieve not only your goals but also discover new business opportunities.

    Here are some of the reasons why we make a good web design company:


    Clients Come First

    Time is your most precious business resource. It’s why our clients come first at our company. Due to this, we operate in an environment of urgency without sacrificing our quality of work. Keeping realistic deadlines is what we do together with our clients. You’ll have access to a dedicated project manager who will keep you informed of the process at every step of the project.

    Results-Driven Solutions

    Using all of our experience, expertise, and industry know-how, we craft custom online solutions that deliver terrific results. We continually provide our clients with data-driven strategies that work. Instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions, we craft strategies tailored specifically to your business’s needs. Get in touch with our team of marketers and developers and you will see for yourself.



    The reason behind our full transparency is that we don’t like to darken the room for clients. Throughout the entire process, from planning to execution to launch, our clients are an integral part of our team. You will be kept informed continuously about what we do. We will also assign a dedicated project manager if you have any concerns or questions. Your project progress will be reported.

    Our Guarantee

    It’s normal for you to expect a ready website on which you can run Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other paid campaign. Our web design team builds the website by collaborating with our marketing team. As a result, the site becomes a lead converting machine. No matter which business niche you are in, the site will definitely maximize conversion rates from the user experience, page speed, and amazing design. Besides, the content marketing team knows exactly what needs to be done in order to make the webpages more captivating.

    Client Reviews