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    How Go Highlevel® is Different Than Other CRM Engines?

    Unlike any other CRM platform, Go Highlevel provides you with an agency-level account having the opportunity of creating unlimited users, accounts, and contacts, making it the most scalable marketing automation CRM on the market. White labeling the account reinforces your agency’s brand and makes it easy to integrate it into your marketing strategy. This helps you retain clients. Having the ability to replace multiple software programs to get a complete native feature set eliminates the need for multiple plugins and integrations. You likely understand a complete native feature set is more effective than many limited software solutions.

    Gohighlevel Marketing Revolution

    It Has Really Done A Marketing Revolution

    Marketers will soon be using marketing automation and nurture software as commonplace as email itself. The days of choosing marketing automation software to achieve their marketing goals are beyond us.

    This solution is baked into all the services of smart marketing agencies, increasing results, retention, and success.

    You can perform this at scale with HighLevel.

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    Go HighLevel Solution For Your Clients

    Getting your clients up and running quickly is a must for you. GHL Solution helps you to navigate the marketing software stack. It’s your chance to be the hero. Over 12,000 agencies using Go Highlevel experienced similar things. Go Highlevel has become the industry leader for client retention. Find out how they have increased retention to over a year.

    The poor quality of agency leads, however, often results in poor sales follow-up practices. Go Highlevel solves this problem through custom automation. It is the solution of choice for clients who are price-sensitive, allowing you to charge more in addition to being able to offer customized solutions.

    The Go Highlevel CRM

    The Go Highlevel CRM system is designed purely for the purpose of turning leads into customers. This is a crucial part of the business, which is why a powerful CRM solution is essential. What I like most is everything is built for function, visibility, and is very customizable. You can segment leads and allocate custom actions on a group-by-group basis with detailed smart lists that you can create with your custom fields, tags, and access them easily.

    You can also create automated marketing campaigns using the Tag System to give you granular control over triggers and automation. Manage bulk actions from the CRM, managing a wide variety of them while maintaining total control.

    Voice Calls

    Your agency and clients have a lot to gain with powerful calling features. Ringless voicemails go straight to voicemail for interested leads. A power dial and SMS tool allows you to automate campaigns by scheduling calls during your client’s operational hours. A power dial feature allows you to make a lot of calls back to your team quickly and easily. Get a comprehensive view of your sales teams, including recordings of individual calls and analyzing ad performance with number pools.

    Emails and SMS Templates

    We wanted to offer our customers a tool that could replace some essential tools that otherwise had to be patched together, which can impose an excessive amount of expense. The core one is the drag and drops Email and SMS template builder, which integrates with the major email clients. The SMS Builder feature simplifies the process of building SMS campaigns for your clients. You can use it to create templates, then incorporate custom values and streamline the whole process.

    An email builder is one thing, giving it a nice user interface and making it fast is quite another. This software brings you all the tools you need as a marketing company to build a custom email for your clients. Go Highlevel’s global file manager facilitates access to your images throughout the entire system, which means that you only need to upload something once.

    GHL Email and SMS Builder
    GHL Website

    Websites & Landing Pages

    Make stunning landing pages and websites with Go Highlevel and integrate them with your sales funnel. Use these pages in new niches as well. It is easier than ever to pull up an existing free template and modify it, or to create a website from scratch. Drive lead conversion with landing pages that compel your clients to act. White label customized sites can be migrated or created for clients by GoHighLevel Services.

    Forms & Surveys

    With Go Highlevel, you can easily embed forms on your website with an iframe code or embed them right into a landing page you’ve already designed. Customize your form’s layout, add custom fields, use custom CSS, all the features you need to capture the lead information for your nurture campaign.

    Moreover, Lead Generation Experience allows you to capture important details about leads to help you qualify them. Conditional logic allows you to further customize the experience and drive conversion.

    GHL Automation

    Tools and Automations

    The core of the Go Highlevel application is that it is the best automation solution. This makes sense, as Go Highlevel is not designed for consumer use, but for marketers…but with that level of sophistication also comes the in-depth knowledge of planning automation and thought process.

    With the Workflow Builder, defining and developing your client’s automation has never been easier. Triggers are actions that can be taken based on anything that you need, creativity is usually where your limitations lie…for any new ideas, there is an ideas board to get them built. You can trigger events based on phone calls, Facebook Ads, status changes…work with tags in your contact list and the sky’s the limit. You can even create trigger links for you to add into SMS and Emails that will automatically trigger events when clicked.

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    In addition to our automation capabilities, HighLevel enables you to create campaigns that take leads through a detailed nurturing sequence. Triggers help you move leads from campaign to campaign as they develop into customers. Maximize your ad spend while controlling your nurture campaigns. In addition, you can also get detailed reporting about the particular nurture campaign. For instance, see the open rate and so forth.

    There are several different types of steps in a campaign. You can choose SMS, Email, Voicemail Drops, Messenger, Call, Add Task, Webhooks, and Wait Steps. Customize the timing between each step. Work backward from a certain date for email reminders, webinars, etc.

    The topic of automation and follow-up lead nurturing campaigns cannot be discussed without discussing how you create a marketing funnel that helps you acquire leads.

    Make sure you've bundled the Websites, Landing Pages, Forms, and Surveys you've created and built sequences that will take the lead through all the necessary steps to turn them into a prospect. Gathering valuable information about your leads while maintaining their interest requires multiple steps: Utilizing low friction features like sticky contact info, incorporating your Facebook pixel, embedding booking calendars, and creating 2-step order forms.

    Utilize marketing funnels for capturing leads, converting prospects into bookings, and developing upsells and downsells, as well as enticing prospects to pay for appointments.

    Building from a leading marketing agency, Highlevel goes beyond providing features and functionality to make scheduling appointments easy and automated. You can customize multiple calendars based on different user needs, varying schedules, equal and variable lead distributions, and more. Integration with Stripe payments lets you charge for appointments using your calendar seamlessly. Easy integration of booking calendars into your website or landing pages allows syncing your calendars to Gmail to always be current and bookable.

    You can now create HR training, new hire training, video courses, and free mini-courses within Highlevel. Even include it in your snapshot so that you can copy it to another Highlevel location. You can create a video course and integrate it into an automated campaign, or as a training module for your clients' branding needs, etc. This is an effective tool for a virtual world.

    View everything you need to know about your client's sales opportunities. A summary of how many opportunities have been won, lost, and are still open will be displayed. The pipeline summarizes how much money was won, lost, and still needs to be closed. Conversion Rates can be used to monitor overall performance. Get a visual representation of your sales pie charts, traffic patterns, reviews on Google My Business pages, and more...a true business command center.

    Go Highlevel has helped businesses better understand how each ad performs and converts. Integrations between so many products have enabled marketing professionals to track a campaign's ad dollars all the way to the end when a lead becomes a customer. Reporting makes it easier to speak with a client and make important marketing decisions. See valuable graphs to illustrate performance, as well as source reports in detail.

    Where Do We Fit In As Your GHL Experts?

    Marketers will soon be using marketing automation and nurture software as commonplace as email itself. The days of choosing marketing automation software to achieve their marketing goals are beyond us. This solution is baked into all the services of smart marketing agencies, increasing results, retention, and success. You can perform this at scale with HighLevel. Would you like to discover whether GHL fits your needs? Fill up the form above or book a quick call to discuss all your needs.

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