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9 Creative Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Startup/Small Business

Do you wonder how you’re going to attract more customers? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A fundamental challenge for any business is finding new customers. The following are ten creative ideas for attracting new customers or servicing new ones.

1. Giveaway

Whenever we “give away” something, we get a lot of extra prospects, which leads directly to future sales.  More and more clients return to us when we offer a jackpot. Not only are we having fun doing it, but it also leads to new clients, it’s a win-win.

2. Offer Discounts and Promotions To New Audience

Discounts Offerings

Offer introductory discounts, or specials such as buy two get one half-price, and get free gift wrapping with your first three purchases to get them into your business. Consumers today continue to seek value and deals. New customers can be lured in with these deals if they had been considering using your services but needed an incentive to do so. Track their buying habits and which offers they use, and you can tailor your future campaigns to their preferences and keep them loyal.

3. Use Your Website For Demos and Project Showcase

Demos are a great way to attract new customers and make them use your product, but they do come with some baggage. The trial software requires users to create an account and download it—it’s quite a commitment just to get a peek at it.

If you want to showcase your successful projects or products on your website, that’s relatively easier than before. As a web design company, we have helped many small businesses attract more customers and see an increase in their sales. Getting a website built and hosting it is a lot easier than it was back then.

Do you want a web development service for your small business? Contact the best web design company today!

4 Ask for Referrals

When a customer becomes loyal to you, put him or her to work for you by asking for referrals. A current customer is one of the best ways to find new customers. But you can’t just let your satisfied customers do the marketing for you. You need to proactively solicit their referrals and take control instead.

Promote referrals by sending email follow-ups to customers who stated they are satisfied with their purchase, and then be sure to send another email asking for recommendations. Consider retargeting if the sale price warrants it.

5. Build Your Network

There’s nothing better than telling others who you are and what you do, meeting new people, and gaining their trust and loyalty. Join your local chamber of commerce, your trade association, and networking organizations. Attend Meetup events. A meeting of the PTA can be a networking opportunity if you own a local business. Just remember to network with a “How can I help you?” attitude as opposed to thinking, “What’s in it for me?”

6. Update your Website

Almost everyone, whether they’re a consumer or a B2B buyer, finds a new business through search engines. Your company’s website has to prove valuable to potential customers. Your site ought to be mobile-friendly, so review your search engine marketing tactics and search engine optimization techniques.

It does not matter what type of site you have. Too many graphics have the tendency to slow your site’s load speed, which may turn off customers. If you don’t have the expertise in-house, hire an SEO company and website designer.

7. Meet People

I only do business with clients I know personally or who are referred to me by an existing client. A lot of people suggest that you attend Chamber of Commerce or events, but I have found that the best opportunity to meet people is at non-business events related to their personal interests.

8. Customer Feedback

The feedback you get from customers is crucial in terms of improving the product and attracting new customers, but you might also get a lot of inspiration for marketing purposes.

Your customer feedback survey is your best source for ideas and messages that resonate with your audience. It would never have occurred to them that anyone was having difficulty pronouncing Mailchimp until the data revealed this to them.

Knowing the trends in feedback can help you craft the bold marketing campaign—and the confidence necessary to execute it.

9. Email Marketing

Using online marketing, you only pay for clicks, not distribution. But that convenience comes at a cost: crowded inboxes and banner blindness make it easy for emails and ads to go unnoticed.

How about doing something unexpected to get new customers? That’s why Unbounce suggests sending direct mail instead.

It suggests focusing your budget on a small segment of your audience—one that you can really bet on—and sending them a direct mailer. It’s already an interesting treat to receive physical mail from a SaaS company, but you can make it even more engaging if the piece has an attention-grabbing design.


You’ll find best practices for attracting customers no matter what kind of content you push out.

The key to any successful communication is how well you know your audience. Every item on our list stands out not necessarily for its looks, but rather how well it:

  • Speaks to the audience
  • Anticipates their needs
  • Catches their attention

Those new customers you’re looking for could be found by uncovering your own creativity.

Do some more research or rework your buyer personas if you’re still not attracting new customers.

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