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Are you a small business owner? Our services are designed for small or local businesses to help them seek the advantage of organic growth and leads generation using proven SEO techniques. Make a consultation today!

Everything is online nowadays. Especially with Social Media and SEO, business owners can promote, generate leads, and increase their revenue easily. But, most of the small business owners often face limitations while starting their online marketing campaign – affordable service. We are here with our affordable SEO services for small businesses to help them grow organically.

SEO is a very powerful marketing weapon. It enables you to compete with some of the established brands in the battle for traffic and business. SEO can generate effective leads and also provide you with economical benefits. But, what is Local SEO that everyone speaks of? Is it a different thing? Well, for those who already know about it can revise their understanding while others can have an in-depth understanding of Local SEO from us.

Local SEO Redefined

To understand Local SEO, you must first understand Local Search. It is something that Google uses to optimize their search results for a specific location. With local search, there comes a lot of additional things to consider, such as – Google My Business, Google Maps, Local Directory Listings, etc.

So, local SEO is optimizing a website for a particular location’s local search results.

Let’s make this crystal clear with an example. When you are searching for “grocery shops”, you will find some generalized results along with a few grocery shops in your area. But, if you search for “grocery shops in Dallas, TX”, Google will magically bring you all the Map Listings and local grocery shops in Dallas, TX. Now, how did that happen?

This can be done for your business too. We will come to the point when we describe what is the process of optimizing your business website for such a keyword. But, let’s talk about a few more important things before.

In the meantime, if you want low-cost SEO services for small businesses, contact us today!

Importance of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Organic traffic is the best way to generate essential leads for your small business. In fact, it lets you compete with the giants out there. The analytics shows the organic traffic generated from our Local SEO campaigns.

Traffic Growth In Google Analytics

So, you are a small business owner and trying to seek the advantage of online platforms to generate leads. The first thing that pops into your mind is – what are the methods of making that happen?

Unless you know rocket science, it is very difficult for you to process the online marketing plans on your own as a beginner. And, that’s completely okay! Building online marketing strategies and handling technicality are not the things a business owner should be doing. Understanding why local SEO is important for small businesses is very important though.

1. It Brings You Into The Community

Local SEO is a powerful tool to bring you in the spotlight. You will start getting attention from your fellow competitors, not only your target audience. It will help you connect and see yourself gradually entering in the big game.

You might be wondering how does local SEO deliver so much public attention. When someone finds you on top of search results, or on the map, he/she will consider your service as a good one. It is something we all do. Think about it!

Anyway, local SEO is a great medium for you to travel towards success and slowly making it into the big picture.

2. Get Organic Leads

The term “Organic Leads” refers to the users that browse your website from search engines like Google. Local SEO enables you to optimize your website in such a way that people who want your service or products can find you on Google.

When you understand your target audience, you will also know how to approach them. And, the best way to grab their attention is none other than Local SEO. You already know Google uniquely categorizes local search. By targeting some great keywords, you will be able to start becoming visible to your target audience also.

You must follow some proper lead generation techniques that will help you get the best out of your local SEO campaign. Organic leads are a bit of a milestone for small business owners nowadays. Why make cold calls and reach outs while you can make your audience find you? Just choose the right words for your website that attracts people and further convert.

3. Build Trust In Your Business

Reviews are very important in terms of gaining a good impression. To build an online reputation, you must be reviewed by your customers. This will build a good value of yours and your business in the community. Online business is nothing but a game of beating your competition. Local SEO helps you beat your competitors and do business in peace.

While analyzing the benefits of local SEO, we have found out that the reviews that a website or a business gains online help increase his possibility of getting leads exponentially. Well, yes, your service quality plays an important role. But, people tend to trust others’ reviews if they are trying out your service for the first time. In that case, Local SEO will help you get a few good reviews on your Google My Business Profile as well as your website.

Is Local SEO Affordable For Small Businesses?

We have been working for small business owners to optimize their websites to rank them on Google. Each of our steps is customized according to 1. Clients’ Needs, and 2. Client’s budget. So, if you are thinking about whether you should invest in Local SEO or not, please stop now! It is costly at all. At least, we think it’s not. Here’s why-

Customized Budget

We respect our clients’ requirements and also consider their budget. It allows us to make a trade-off so that we can deliver quality services without making a loss for ourselves. This is the reason our services are customized.

It Is Required

At some point, you need to consider Local SEO for your business. You cannot deny the fact that online traffic is a great way to bring business to the house. That is why, we thought, why not give back some valuable service to you guys?

Our Local SEO Packages

SEO Silver

This is our basic SEO package giving you the initial steps including setting up your website, social media, and some content support.


SEO Platinum

We will do all the things  necessary to rank your site on top of Google for some important keywords. We will do that from scratch.


SEO Gold

Our medium package features services like website remodeling, content writing, social media management, and many more at a reasonable budget.


Cheap Won’t Bring You Business

Quality is everything we work for, and I’m sure it’s everything you want in any SEO company. But, there are certain things that can’t be compromised in Local SEO. You must be aware of the resources, content, and backlinks that are needed for your business. And, you know what? These are the trickiest things in the game of SEO as well.

Not to badmouth or anything, but there are companies that offer Local SEO at a very cheap price range. They come with neither experience nor tangible assets. And when I say it was fine if their services just wouldn’t work, trust me! Because sometimes cheap SEO services backfire and cause penalties. You don’t want to be never seen on Google, so why go for services that lead you there?

You need to be with someone who knows the game. It is a dynamic skill that requires customization every time the requirement and competition changes. Sure, the basics remain the same. But, every client needs to be served differently. Having a great deal of experience has blessed us with so many success stories, and, hence, experience!

We believe you deserve more clients. Don’t you?

    Evaluate Your Business Website Yourself

    If you are still on our page, I assume you are either very curious about Local SEO, or you want Local SEO services for your website. Well, for both cases, there are ways to evaluate your website on your own. Think of it as a routine checkup. You will find some free tools that give reports of your website along with suggestions. And, they are completely free!

    It is a great tool for finding out your site’s SEO health. All you need to do is go to the link and put your website’s URL on the box-

    If you really want to know why Ubersuggest is popular then let me tell you, this tool allows you to reverse engineer your competitor’s SEO strategy. It tells you what backlinks they have and also gives you insights into what strategies are really working for them.

    Ubersuggest Gives You Your Competitor's Status

    Another great tool is the Ahrefs Backlink Checker. Go to the link, put your website’s URL, and see the magic!

    Ahref Gives You The Backlink Status Of A Website

    Not sure what they are? Remember we talked about backlinks? Ahrefs Backlink Checker gives a website’s backlink status. They have the second most powerful web crawler (after Google) that scrapes all the backlinks of a website. If you want, you can analyze your competitor’s backlinks using this free tool just to make sure how many do you need to surpass him. It’s a great tool indeed.

    Do you need keyword ideas for your business site? Sure you do! What else you are going to optimize your website for? In that case, you must target the right keywords that are easy to rank for and have a good monthly search volume. Click on the link, sign up, type a keyword and get insights-

    Keyword Revealer lets you analyze three keywords per day as a part of their free plan. You can migrate and do more. They provide data like – Monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, estimated backlinks, average On-Page SEO state, search trends, etc. These are all the things you need to look out for while working with a keyword.

    Keyword Revealer Is A Great Keyword Research Tool

    Solution To A Limited SEO Budget

    Do you need SEO for your small business but don’t have the budget to hire an agency? Let’s see what we can do.

    Well, your budget may seem limited to you but sometimes you can accomplish a little bit with that much amount too. We don’t want you to find a cheap agency because black hat techniques may end up killing your website on Google. For agencies that promise to work for you under $300 per month, we recommend thinking twice! However, here are a couple of options for you-

    Hire An Individual

    An individual may work for you as a part of your company without operating like an agency. He/she can do your SEO tasks in exchange for money that may cost lower than an agency. But, there are a few drawbacks as well. SEO is a combinational job that requires teamwork. Hiring one single person creates a possibility of all the tasks not being done properly.

    If you can coordinate with your SEO expert regularly and ask for progress, this plan may be successful.

    Hire An Agency Anyway

    You might be wondering how on earth an agency will hire you with a low budget. Well, believe it or not, some good agencies give away discounts and seasonal offers. Who knows what you might get? With a discount rate, your budget problem can come to an end. We also have a few good packages in mind! Want to connect?

    Steps Of Local SEO For Small Businesses

    SEO can be competitive sometimes. And for new businesses, the intensity of this competition will be huge. We won’t deny how big of a challenge it is for us and many other companies to figure out how to rank your website.

    Whenever someone needs a local service like a cleaner or a landscaper, he/she will go first on Google and search for them. However, the person will only call from the first three search results. Do you realize how important it is to stay on top three if not on #1?

    In order to make your investment count, we have designed a generalized Local SEO campaign that we would love to share with you guys. We will talk about Google My Business later. First, let’s cover the basics.

    Keyword Research

    Firstly, the job is to make a list of keywords that describe your business. If you have a landscaping website, we will go ahead and search for keywords related to landscaping, lawn maintenance, yard maintenance, etc. We keep searching until we have a comprehensive list of keywords to proceed with.

    Initially, we can use Google Keyword Planner for obtaining amazing keyword ideas. With the help of this tool, you can see how much traffic each keyword can generate. It is good for finding relevant keywords that may not have crossed your mind.

    Next, we need to differentiate the keywords that will bring you service. Not sure what we are talking about? Let’s say if someone is searching for “landscaping value for houses”, it is clear that he needs landscaping insights. On the other hand, if he searches for “landscaping in Allen, TX”, it is quite sure he is in search of a landscaper in the Allen area. These are called buying intent keywords.

    We will further create webpages and rank that for these kinds of keywords. The page must be optimized according to that keyword.

    However, we also look for informative keywords that don’t potentially bring business but are good for gaining a good impression. It means people who are searching for those keywords are not looking for any service, rather they are trying to do the job by themselves. It is good to optimize for them as well.

    Optimize Your Social Media

    Nowadays, many people use Social Media to resolve their questions or issues. A recent survey states that about 54% of customers prefer connecting with a local service other than a phone call. Therefore, all your social platforms that incorporate with your business must be set up properly.

    Users on social media platforms are always looking for services that have a good set of reviews. Social platforms can rank a business based on reviews only. A business Facebook account can help you in this case. These online reviews by consumers are trusted as much as personal recommendations. So, it’s crucial for you to grow your Facebook reviews to support a positive reputation.

    Local Businesses require a decent amount of social media signals. By ensuring that, we head over to the next steps.

    Create Business Listings & Citations

    So, your website is all set up and the Social Media looks good. What is the next step? You are now ready for citations and links. Let’s talk about the citations to give you a better idea.

    A citation is a business listing of your business address in an online local directory. Yelp is a great online platform to create a citation. While there are other good ones, we create our clients’ business citations in some of the most relevant online directories. These directories give a boost in your SEO campaign as some of them also work as a strong backlink.

    In the way of creating that, you must have your NAP (name, address, phone number) setup. You must use the same NAP everywhere. Check the accuracy of your NAP using MozLocal.


    It is essential to build a foundation of links so your business is recognizable among your competitors. Link building is a traditional Off-Page Optimization technique and has been used for years. By the way, Good News! The directory listings sometimes offer you the chance to create backlinks on their websites. If they are relevant, they are powerful!

    However, if you have a good connection with your colleagues, partners, traders, you may use this opportunity to create backlinks on their websites. 

    Like other white hat SEO companies, we use guest posts as an important medium to create backlinks for our clients. These types of backlinks provide extra long-term benefits. 

    If you want to know how to find out the number of backlinks required for your website, just go to Ahrefs, type the keyword you are working for, and see your competitors’ backlinks. You will have an idea.

    Track Results

    If the process had ended after creating backlinks, that would have been awesome. But, unfortunately, SEO is always changing. Whether it is an affordable SEO service or a costly one, everyone needs to track the analytics and traffic to see how good the SEO campaign is going. It also gives us an idea about how to improve the campaign.

    We recommend keeping an eye on organic traffic more. The SEO traffic trends comparison will give you insights about the rate of growth that your website has obtained over time.

    The Importance Of GMB in Local Businesses

    Google My Business profile is very important for Local SEO. It actually brings the overall motive of Local SEO to one particular point by enabling you to appear in local search results. Even large queries with a high search volume are now showing local results which small business owners can use as an opportunity.

    The increased visibility that Google has implemented around local results on mobile has shown how important GMB is for Local SEO. If you are searching for something on a mobile device, you will see the organic results come after the map listings. If you want your business to be in that area, you need GMB. It will help in enhancing the website’s rank by showing offers according to the user’s queries. 

    Google My Business Results

    Have you wondered why instead of getting organic results you get a bunch of map results whenever you enter a local search query on Google? Well, here is the magic that GMB does! Especially on mobile devices, this feature plays a great role in highlighting your local business in front of your target audience.

    If you want the best out of GMB, you need to keep an eye on these following things. We will talk briefly about them here.

    Business Information

    This feature was removed earlier, but now they offer you to enter an abstract of the business and gives a 750 character limit. You can be as detailed as you want to within the limit. To us, it is a good place to describe the type of business with some keywords and the services you are offering.

    Operating Hours

    We check everything on Google nowadays, don’t we? For instance, if we plan to go to a coffee shop, we first check if it is open. Where does the information come from? 

    Google My Business offers you to enter the operating hours for your business. This feature comes in handy for local service owners. You are making yourself available to your customers and letting them know.

    Quote Request

    If your business offers a variety of services both packages and individually, you need this feature. Request quote feature permits customers to ask for quotes and compare. This one comes in handy for both the customers and the owner. Your clients can effectively compare while you can offer them a range of services.

    What Makes Us #1 for the Job?

    We assume you have gone through the page because either you want to know more about Local SEO or need the service for your small business. We have been serving small business owners with our affordable SEO services for quite a while now and so far we have successfully made our clients smile. Why won’t they, when they see their website on top of Google search? The way we work is one good reason for that. The team always tries to be productive and hard working. You won’t find a single flaw, let alone any problems.

    We use ninja SEO techniques that guarantee results. Our affordable SEO services for small businesses have satisfied clients from all around the globe with a lot of great reviews. Therefore, we are pretty confident about taking over your SEO campaign and making it a success!

    SEO is not cheap! It comes with a lot of expenses that you cannot deny. However, we have made it as affordable and low-cost as we could by not harnessing the quality of the campaign itself. We don’t believe in paid marketing for long-term. Also, we hate cold reach outs for marketing. All we care about is our clients’ organic growth and a healthy lead generation pipeline. Grow your business with our help. Contact us today!

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